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Welcome to Fractal Spectacle

Fractal Spectacle is a free fractal software. It can create classic Mandelbrot fractals as well as Buddhabrot / Nebulabrot and Flame fractals. Also, each fractal can be viewed as 3D. Mandelbrot supports the Orbit Traps with standard functions, but you can also add your own functions.

Download it, try it, have fun and upload the pictures you create here. When uploading a picture, it would be nice to add the KMF file with the settings as comment to the picture as starting point for other members.

If you only get a strange windows error message while starting (e.g. "side by side configuration not found"), then you have to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Runtimes: Download Link.

Two quick tutorials are shown here in YouTube:
Video 1, Video 2.

Frank Epple.

Download currently not possible, looking for other location...

Download Fractal Spectacle here



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The forum to post your questions, problems and hints.

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Tutorials how to create great fractals with Fractal Spectacle.

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Post your suggestions for future versions and feedback here.

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